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  A key element of living harmoniously with your New Puppy or a turbo – charged dog or a dog that is just not connecting with their owners is Obedience Training. As a trainer I speak to the owners when teaching classes that ALL dogs need Boundaries. Obedience need not be a daunting task, however. Make it fun. Use of Games to instill fun and make Obedience training something you and your dog really enjoy and look forward to doing together.

  All dogs should learn who is the Pack Leader- Through Obedience Training an owner learns how to get and maintain that role all through out your Canines life. They should learn some basic Obedience skills ,first and make sure you can get them 100% before getting into advanced work such as : sit, down, and come, High – drive or high – energy dogs operate blast mode a great deal of their lives. Therefore, to make your life and your Dogs life more enjoyable – and to have some semblance of order at home and in the public – these dogs need to learn early that there are rules that must be followed, which include basic obedience commands and manners. If your adult dog’s early education was a bit neglected or received a failing grade, don’t despair. It’s never too late to begin working on and reinforcing basic commands and manners. The job might be a bit more challenging, especially if your dog has already developed a few naughty behaviors, but it’s a task that’s well within the capabilities of most owners.

  Ideally, you should start instilling these behaviors right away, they should be priority one for any dog, but especially puppies because puppies grow quickly, both physically and mentally, and this valuable time can never be recaptured. Time is of the essence. Conditioning a young puppy to accept and enjoy these behaviors and activities will make your life – and his – much easier as he grows in to an adult dog.

All Puppies especially high – energy puppies, should learn early in life some practical exercises, such as:

Riding in the car

Walking on a loose leash

Door manners (not bolting outdoors)


Exercise pen

Crate training

Dental Care






  I work with each dog as an individual whatever the problem: making it achievable also to work with you to get to the degree you would like your dog to excel to. I promised I will do my BEST to make your dog, the dog you always dreamed of having 100% satisfaction