About Us :

Marsha Vesnefskie C.P.D.T. 


 I have committed my life to understanding dogs and Horses so I can Train in a positive way. I am a life time owner of Weimaraner Dogs and also a Breeder of them for twenty years with Great results. I have competitively showed Horses and Trained Equestrian with them also have and do own Thoroughbred and Quarter Horses for a large part of my life.

 Training dogs for a living and have very good success stories with the canines and owners. I also am a Veterinarian Technician I have worked for several Animal Hospitals. I have trained as an Agility Instructor. At the present time I am running my own Business doing Agility Classes.

   I have devoted years of research on animals Behaviors. I have attended many seminars on different techniques through out my life. One of the most Impressive was with the Horse Whisper himself on several Seminars (Monty Roberts).

  I HAVE a DREAM and GOAL to never have innocent dogs or any animals Euthanized, instead to rehabilitate them to have a quality and meaningful life. Dogs and all animals cannot speak out for themselves, so I HAVE AND WILL do my Best to Speak in their Behalf. I will let you be the Judge on my Passion to do so.

For the LOVE of Canines and all animals:

                              Marsha Vesnefskie C.P.D.T 



Buddy and Me!!!!!