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 in Paxinos

 My mission is to have not a good relationship with your dog but a great one. I want the human to under stand their dogs in every way, their body language, their reasons for barking, and why they are doing all the negative and destructive things. Most of all to understand the way a dog thinks.

  I have combined a deep love for dogs with a commitment to help families enjoy pet guardianship. As an owner of Weimaraners for most of my life and also a Breeder of them I have committed myself to helping others in offering Puppy and Dog Obedience classes and also Agility Classes. I will 100% Guarantee when you do any one to one sport, Obedience, Therapy work, rescue work etc. with your Dog you will build a Lasting Relationship with your Canine Companion that will last the rest of both your Life’s.

How Your Dog Sees the World

  A key component to preventing behavioral problems is seeing the world through the eyes of the dog. It’s really that simple. When you discover and understand the root cause of the problem – why your dog does what he does – you can reliably and accurately correct the problem. Dogs have different priorities. They like to sniff bums, lick unmentionable body parts, eat poop, roll in stinky stuff, drink toilet water and ransack trashcans. Their brains aren’t hardwired to be vindictive. Dogs don’t lie around conjuring up ways to make your life more difficult. They don’t think if I shred the couch today, that’ll show my owner who wears the pants in this family! Dogs live in the moment. When left to their own devices, they will do exactly what they feel like at that given moment, which isn’t always compatible with their owner’s expectations. By learning to think like a dog and by learning to see the world through his eyes, you can let go of that silly idea that your dog is misbehaving out of spite.

  I have a GOAL to bring together the Human mind and the Canine mind so they are in sync with each other. I have a passion to have a bounding between both Human and Canine that is there for a LIFE-TIME by doing so.

  The most Powerful Organ we have is the Brain. Animals are Powerless without our help to use this Knowledge that we are capable of absorbing through Trainers and Behaviorist in a Positive way to help Not Hurt them. Humans have the ability to control the abuse and harmful ways that are and have been used against animals for way to long. Engage with me to make this Journey Happen.

 We are located in central Pennsylvania in the small village of Paxinos.

Contact us: Marsha Vesnefskie C.P.D.T

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Here is a Poem that keeps me in Prospective of that Journey:

 “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.’ (Unknown)